alex lewis

Front End Developer

I've been a front end developer since 2010. Working in both enterprise and start up in environments. I find fun in Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Using them to create fast, reactive, and user centric interfaces.

On weekdays I spend my hours as a Front End Developer at Red Bull Media House. On weekends I can be found gaming, camping, or volunteering.

Red Bull Sound Select

Developer - AngularJS, React, SASS/CSS, and HTML

Red Bull Sound Select

Red Bull Sound Select is a platform for fans and artists alike. Fans can follow artists, get tickets for Sound Select Shows, and see who the next up and coming musicians are from around the world. Artists get access to there fans, concerts to play, and an array of statistics to help them boost their career.

Return Job

Developer - Javascript, SASS/CSS, and HTML


Return Job can be a location for job seekers to have an exportable well designed resume. It can also act as a personal website for individuals. Jobs can be posted or applied to making an all one employment product.

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